ID Driving School, Inc.
Permit Service

$30 The instructor will transport you to the department of licensing to obtain your learner's permit.

Testing Services:

Knowledge Test - $35

Drive Test using your own vehicle - $35
The vehicle you use for the drive test must be insured.

Driving Lesson
$90.     The driving lesson is one and a half hours long. You will learn to control the car smoothly, anticipate other driver's behavior, determine the risk factors for every situations and react to traffic conditions, observe the surrounding area, parallel parking, city driving, and freeway driving. The instructor will help you prepare for the drive test with the Department of Licensing for your driver's license.

$430 for five lessons package. You save $20.

All driving lesson includes home, school, or work pick-up.

Students have an additional discount of 25% on the first lesson.

Tutoral Session
$100 for two hours.     The instructor will explain to you the rules and regulations of the road. What each sign means, distinguish the difference between lines on the road, reading maps, and procedures to handle various driving conditions that you would not see in your driving lessons.

Drive Test
$125.     You will be picked-up one hour prior to your scheduled drive test.

Drive test using ID Driving School vehicle requires you taking some driving lesson for us to evalutate your driving skills.  Drive test appointment is made or rescheduled upon the discretion of the instructor.
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