ID Driving School, Inc.
Thank you for your interest in ID Driving School, Inc. Learning to drive is an exciting part of your life. It is important to learn the skills to drive safely and anticipate other drivers' behaviors, and determine the risk factors of each situation.

The driving instructor is experienced, knowledgeable, and patient and will teach you the skills to drive in today's traffic. Whether you're a beginning driver or an experienced driver who needs assistance in the city or freeway, the instructor will design a program specific to your needs.

During the courses of your driving lessons you will learn the following:

* Signs on the road

* Dash control instruments

* Protective devices

* Procedures to handle various driving conditions

* Parallel parking

* Parking on a hill

* Backing around the corner

* Respond to traffic signs, signals, pavement markings, right of way rules, speed regulations

* Scanning and applying appropriate speed response to obstacles

* Establish alternative maneuvers and execute them safely

* Make proper adjustments in speed or direction to cope with roadway variations (hills, curves, intersections, bridges, tunnels, on and off ramps, parking lots, railroad crossings, traffic cicle, roadway surface irregularities, forces of natures)

* Interact safely and efficiently with vehicles ahead, behind and to the sides. Identify vehicles that threaten the path of travel.

* Lane travel and changes

* Freeway driving (entering, exiting, merging, and lane changes)

* Respond safely when encountering non-motorized traffic (pedestrians, animals, and bicycles)

* Factors that influences driving performances (attitudes, self control, maturity, risk assessment, fatigue, smoking, aging, carbon monoxide, health problems, alcohol, prescription/non-prescription drugs)

* Adjust driving to compensate traffic, weather, and darkness

* React to traffic conditions to avoid or minimize impact by understanding (off-road recover, skids, controlled braking, evasive action, restraint devices, and locked wheel braking)

* Deals effectively with vehicle malfunctions and breakdown

* Legal requirements of crash responsibilities, vehicle registrations, insurance, co-operating with law enforcement and courts

The skills you learn through the driving lessons will help you gain the confidence to drive with ease. Learning to anticipate other driver's behaviors and risk factors will help you reduce your chances of collision.
ID Driving School, Inc.
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